At Royal Hotel Saigon, we’ll support A CULTURE OF BALANCE AND SUCCESS by providing opportunities for our people to bring out their best not only for the Hotel but also for the community within which they live and work.

We’ll take pride in maintaining our hotels to the highest standards to be the most trusted hotel for our guests, our owners, our employees, and our community.

We’ll earn employee loyalty by listening to their needs and respecting their work-life balance. With diversity in employment, we offer you many job opportunities including full-time, part-time, year-round, and seasonal work. Job/internship applications are always welcomed or sent directly to the hotel’s back gate security.


The recruitment will be fair, consistent, and non-discriminatory based on sex, religion, or disability.

The Hotel will not employ junior workers (under 18 years of age).

Every job applicant must be given equal opportunities.

Employees who have blood or relative relationships are not permitted to take over money and property-interrelated jobs. For example cashier and chief accountant, storekeeper, and security officer.

An employee is not allowed to hold a concurrent position that requires cross-checking.

The recruitment policy will conform to statutory regulations and the Internal Labor Regulations of the Hotel.

A selected applicant has to submit the following credentials to the Human Resources Department:

  • An application for Employment/Internship (using the Hotel’s template).
  • A valid Health Certificate.
  • Certified copies of degrees/certificates evidencing educational background or occupational achievements as required by the Hotel;
  • A certified copy of permanent residence registration (or long-term temporary residence registration).
  • certified copy of the identification card.
  • A criminal record (to be applied for some particular positions only)
  • Other credentials required by the Hotel.
  • Sales manager
  • Customer care staff
  • Receptionist
  • Waitress (Male preferred)
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Refrigeration technician
  • Interns in departments: Housekeeping, Restaurant, Kitchen, Reception, Engineering